designer / artist

Claudia is an illustrator, designer, and an all around creative being. She practices art in many forms and appreciates being a part of spaces where she feels she can connect with other people to create beautiful things. She loves to plan and bring ideas to life, and gravitates towards opportunities that allow her to do so. She has an affinity and skill set for technology and the arts with a strong belief that technology can be used to expand what is possible in her art. Through her work and experience, she feels that she can express herself and help others do the same. She finds happiness through this and is forever committed to learning and growing as both a designer and a human being. ​

Claudia's passion for technology and design started at a young age. She remembers playing around with the colors and tools in Microsoft Paint when she was young and she credits that as the beginning of her love for art and design. This passion is what has created opportunities for her within the industry and as a freelance artist. Through her work, she has learned the importance of branding and adaptability.

Claudia has worked with musicians, artists, models, and more to meet their unique design needs. She has worked on both physical and digital mediums and feels confident in her ability to tell stories through creation. Her creative intuition and personality allow her to work with a wide variety of clients to help bring their visions to life. She is looking to expand her network and continue to create amazing things!

Untitled_Artwork 261.png
Untitled_Artwork 260.png