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Claudia Lee Africano


Chicago, Illinois


Syracuse University, Bachelor’s of Science: Education, Technology, and Media // Minor in English and Textual Studies

Personality Type

ENFJ-A “Protagonist”








Claudia Africano epitomizes the essence of creativity, seamlessly weaving her talents as an illustrator, designer, and all-around creative being into every facet of her work. With a passion for exploring diverse artistic forms, Claudia finds solace in spaces where collaboration blooms, allowing her to cultivate connections and craft beauty alongside fellow creatives. Her innate ability to breathe life into ideas, coupled with her unwavering passion for technology and the arts, propels Claudia to constantly push the boundaries of what's possible in her craft. From her earliest days playing with Microsoft Paint, Claudia's journey has been marked by a deep-seated love for art and design, a passion that has paved the way for her remarkable career trajectory.

As a freelance artist, Claudia's versatile skill set has opened doors to a plethora of opportunities, enabling her to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the industry with finesse and adaptability. Through her collaborative ventures with big brands, musicians, artists, and creators, Claudia has honed her ability to translate unique visions into tangible works of art, whether in physical or digital mediums. Her creative intuition and infectious personality serve as catalysts for bringing clients' dreams to fruition, infusing each project with a distinct sense of authenticity and flair.

Beyond her individual pursuits, Claudia's artistic footprint extends far and wide, leaving a mark on prestigious events like Miami Art Basel and revered galleries such as Kid Super Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Her creative prowess transcends traditional boundaries, evident in her merch designs, pattern creations, and product offerings featured on, a testament to her influence in the fashion world. Additionally, Claudia's mastery in crafting compelling event posts has garnered widespread acclaim, with over 250+ posts spanning a spectrum of industries, from music and fashion to philanthropy and beyond.

As Claudia embarks on the next chapter of her artistic journey, she remains steadfast in her commitment to continuous growth and exploration, eager to expand her network and forge new avenues for creative expression. With an unwavering dedication to her craft and a boundless passion for storytelling through creation, Claudia Africano is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of art and design for years to come.

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