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Enigma 185





Art Direction, Project Management, Large Scale Interior Design

PHNTM transformed the Avant Gardner into an immersive AI world, complete with three distinct lounges - Byte, Cura, and Nexus. Through the integrated use of LED walls, panels, and projectors, we created hologram displays and LED arrays, giving the impression that AI was hosting the event. Custom content ranged from neon-futuristic portrayals to digital AI representations. Interactive installations included AI Integration Stations and live performance art in partnership with House of Yes.

The Enigma 185 event offered NYC service industry professionals a unique and memorable experience, seamlessly blending the futuristic with the familiar. Attendees interacted with AI, experienced immersive installations, and partied in a unique environment that pushed the boundaries of traditional event experiences. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with one venue owner calling it an "unforgettable moment" for staff who had been struggling over the past year.

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