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Mural Painting Ideation

Being inside has started to take a toll on me, not necessarily in the worst way. It's something I'm not used to, but I have been trying to make the most of my time. I feel privileged in many ways, although collectively, I know we as a human race are struggling. One of the things that has been helping me feel balanced while being quarantined is sticking to a list of things that I do for myself every single day. The things on my list aren't tasks that I dread, nor are they tasks that are too out of reach. The key to what's on my list is knowing that I am capable of these things if I really just apply myself. Some of these things include, making my bed, taking a walk, and creating at least one thing a day. This specific project was the result of taking a walk and creating something out of it.

I took a picture of this blank wall on the side of the flower shop at the end of my block in Manhattan. I walk past this wall often, as it is on the way to my coffee shop and the nearest Trader Joes. I've started to appreciate these little things more. I've started to see them in a new light. Which is exactly why I felt that spark of creativity on one of my coffee runs. I immediately went home, caffeinated and ready to create. I uploaded the picture into Procreate and used my iPad and Apple Pencil to ideate ways I would cover this blank wall if I were given the opportunity.

Once I finished the first one, I immediately duplicated the picture, deleted the artwork, and started the second one. I couldn't stop, and I still don't want to. My inspiration came from a combination of what it feels like to be in NYC through this time, and from the random crevices of my cranium and the thoughts that surface throughout my day. Through creating these pieces, I got a glimpse of what it could feel like if I were able to bring them to life in the future. I plan on continuing to create and put my art out into the real world.

You can find the piece and a small stream of consciousness below.



Given the circumstances, we have to be more conscious of our decisions. We have to be smarter in order to protect ourselves and one another. I love candy and have shamelessly been eating tons of it during this time. I feel like this graphic is light-hearted but gets to the point.



I AM ________





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