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As a lover of both technology and the arts, I am constantly trying to further my capabilities through combining these things to create amazing things. One of my biggest sources to get inspiration from is Instagram. I always find myself sharing posts with friends, or saving them to come back to later. Over time, I realized that organizing my saved posts would not only save me time, but could also be its own form of content creation as well. So I started saving posts to boards based on color, or theme. As you can see below, majority of these boards are inspired by a single color. But I have also included a board that is dedicated to my ideal home and closet full of shoes.

As mentioned, it is only natural for me to make connections with the types of technology and content I interact with every single day. These boards came to life through this connection. Whenever I share these on my social media, or talk to people about them, they are constantly amazed by the fact that this is something they're also familiar with, just being presented in a unique fashion.

I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do. I will never stop creating them.

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