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Album Write Up for @listenup.lp💿

Artist: BENEE


Top 3 Songs: Afterlife, Wishful Thinking, Glitter

Eye-opening Track: Want Me Back

FIRE ON MARZZ is the debut EP from 19 yr old pop artist BENEE, released last summer. Today, she has over 11 million monthly listeners and has sold out shows worldwide. BENEE (pronounced ben-EE), real name Stella Bennett, recorded and produced her impressive first record in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. FIRE ON MARZZ is short and sweet, it's an alternative indie pop album with catchy pop hooks and some streaks of r&b. Every song on the EP tells its own story.. I have listened to this album from the top to the bottom, bottom to the top, and shuffled it up more times than I can count, and the flow between the collection of songs never fails to be breezy and beautiful. In only six songs, BENEE establishes herself as both a talented vocalist and promising songwriter!

**And she gets bonus points for the dope album artwork designed by Ricardo Cavolo - you might recognize his work from KAYTRANADA's album '99.9%'

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