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Natasia Swim - Print Design

LARRAY (3).png

Print Design for Racquel Natasha (Natasia Swim)

Winter 2020 / Spring 2021

Claudia worked on a swim line being released to the public in the early Summer of 2021. Claudia was specifically in charge of print designs for the swim capsule. Claudia worked very closely with Racquel Natasha, famous influencer and business woman, to help bring her vision to life. Racquel is drawing inspiration from her Caribbean roots to help drive her brands identity and Claudia helped extend this identity through the prints and designs she came up with. Claudia also used her knowledge and focus on trend watching for Summer of 2021 to predict which prints will be in style. Claudia also helped with the ideation for the styles of the suits but was not in charge of creating the construction and CAD's for the suits.

Instagram: 214k Followers

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