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mural art

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Mural Design for The Tipsy Dog Bar & Restuarant

October 2020

Claudia was given the opportunity to ideate and create her first mural in October of 2020. The mural is located at The Tipsy Dog Bar & Restaurant located in Bushwhick, Brooklyn. Outside of the only requirement that the base of her mural be painted pink, Claudia was given full creative freedom to come up with any design she liked. Claudia came up with something that was fun and feels like an extension of her personal brand. The gallery to the left shows Claudia's process from start to finish. From the planning to the production, to the mural in it's final form. Claudia had so much fun creating on such a large scale and hopes to paint more murals in her future. 

Mural Ideation & Concepts

March 2020

Anyone who knows Claudia, knows she is a dreamer. She is a pisces, and finds herself fantasizing about all different things. One of her quarantine fantasies had to do with the blank wall that she walks past on her block in Manhattan. Claudia snapped a picture of the blank wall and went to work. Art vomit, one may say. Claudia hopes to one day bring these ideas to life and add more of her color to the world.

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