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Lisa Gelobter - Animation

Animation/GIF design honoring Lisa Gelobter

June 2020 

I wanted to use my time and my platform to spotlight someone I not only look up, but someone who has influenced my art as well. Lisa Gelobter is a technology guru with a creative spirit and energy. Currently, she us the CEO of her own company that centers their work around addressing issues of bias and discrimination in the work place, in order to make work places more comfortable and inclusive for all people. But prior to this position, she worked as the Chief Digital Service Officer with the United States Department of Education and later went on to serve as the VP of Digital Products and Engineering for Black Entertainment TV Networks.


I'm sure you are familiar with GIFs... But I bet you didn't now that Lisa herself was the Black woman behind the early groundwork around GIF ideation. Although the credit for the development of GIFs has long praised a White male named Steve Wilhite and his team of computer scientist, it is paramount to know that Lisa was the first person to merge animation and imagery in order to produce GIF images.


As a woman who continues to operate in a digital art sphere, Lisa Gelobter has not only inspired me but has also paved the way for my own creative expression. So as I continue to produce all types of art, but especially in GIF format, it is only fair and right to give credit where credit is due. So Lisa, thank you for all that you have done and all that you continue to do.


I made this GIF to honor her!


#blacklivesmatter #blackexcellence

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